bulthaup B1 is an essential kitchens, with a fresh look, fresh new advantages, and a fresh new appealing price..Focused on the essentials, perfectly thought through

and precision-finished, it radiates the timeless beauty of sculpture and exudes simplicity right down to the last details.

A few base element, front finishes and materials join together to form a functional and aesthetic design.

The homogenous finish of the materials, the interplay between the pure exteriors and the birch wodinterior  combined together to make B1 an experience of natural sensuality


luxeliving is a bulthaup official partner in Indonesia.

We act as a crucial linchpin among bulthaup’s product and the wishes of customers.

Our experienced experts in the fields of Interior Design will bring together functional,

cultural and individual factors that will enable us to create harmony in your living spaces.

it is a kitchen for people who want just one thing : The Best.

For more information , please visit www.bulthaup.com


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